Grow Write Guild No. 1 - My First Plant


I'm a little behind the times on this one, but I came across the Grow Write Guild writing prompt club over at You Grow Girl and I decided it would be a great thing to start.  I struggle with keeping a regular schedule of posting for this blog so I figured this would be a way to make things a little more frequent.


So.  My first plant.  I'm a little bit foggy on what it was in particular.  In my youth I had many a struggling african violet and the odd sad tropical plant one finds on the shelf at Walmart or Ikea.  The first plant that I remember loving is a different story.  I used to have a terrible job at a store that sold clothing and other accoutrements for babies.  Despite the unsatisfactory job situation, the store was located in the area of my town with the most unique and interesting shops.  Nearby there was a store that specialized in orchids and this is where I first remember falling in love with a plant.  I had to take one home.

The leaves were dark emerald and luscious.  The stem soared above them crowned with luminous white blossoms - the largest and most beautiful I had ever seen.

I adored it.

Now, this is not to say that I was successful in caring for my prized phalaenopsis.  In fact I think it has long since dried up an withered away, but this was my first introduction into really learning and experimenting with more than just watering plants.  Even though I let the orchid die, I have since developed into a gardener that really seeks after knowledge about what makes my plants tick.  I read up on all the different varieties I grow and keep a private gardening journal as well as this blog to share what I learn and observe.

I've had and will continue to have many failures, but each one is a learning experience that is almost as rewarding as a success.