Steps to Living a Greener Lifestyle

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It’s easy to be in awe of people who can live a completely green and wholesome lifestyle, bursting with freshly grown food from the backyard and organic produce stocked up in the fridge. It doesn’t take as much work as you would think to take steps toward this kind of life for yourself, whether you’re building your own pond, or saving energy around the home by embracing new eco-friendly projects. If you are looking for some super simple steps to live a healthier and greener lifestyle, these pointers are bound to get you started.

Grow Your Own Food

Producing your own crops can be a huge benefit to the environment. You may enjoy it so much that you want to make it a business venture, so if that is the case visit a location and find out how you get start the process in the right way. This is obviously only something that is practical if you have or can acquire the space for growing, but even something like a simple veggie garden, or some tomatoes and herbs on your balcony is a huge step in the right direction!

Reduce Your Waste

If your goal is to make the planet a healthier and safer place to live, then you should start by reducing your household waste. You can cut down on food waste by only buying what you know you will eat. Bulk items are great for saving money, but if you aren’t eating your way through them before they expire you’re not helping yourself all that much. Food packaging items really add a lot of unnecessary waste to your life, so try to use reusable bags and containers whenever you can, and find out how to recycle what you absolutely can’t avoid.

Find Friendlier Products

It’s often surprising how many unhealthy products are in the average person’s cleaning arsenal. This can be really bad for the environment and make your house an unsafe place for little ones. Try buying eco friendly cleaning products, or make your own using a combination of vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemons, and essential oils. There are lots of recipes online, and some work better than others. Give them a try until you find the ones that work for you. For example, the easiest way to clean a sink is to sprinkle it with baking soda, spritz it with vinegar, and use the grainy solution to scrub the gunk off the sink walls. The reaction between the vinegar and the baking soda will help lift grime off the sink as well. Rinse with as hot water as will come out of the tap, and you’ll have a sparkling clean sink!

Adjust Your Home

If you want a more eco-friendly home then you might need to make a handful of tweaks to your everyday life. Use power bars to switch off the electronics in your home when you’re not using them. This will keep your energy bills lower too and your wallet will thank you! Another small change you can make is to switch to energy efficient light bulbs wherever possible.

Making these adjustments and tweaks will take some time to get the hang of, but you will soon notice a difference, and after taking these steps you’ll feel empowered to take a few more.