Foraging With Friends - Apricots


This is not exactly foraging, but it is something like it!  During July in Kamloops there are so many people who have trees in their yards that are loaded with apricots.  We live in close proximity with bears here so it is very important to keep your fruit trees picked to discourage the local wildlife.  Since we have no land to plant trees of our own I feel very lucky to be here when people are trying to get rid of all their excess fruit!


In this case I was also happy to have a chance to spend some time with a good friend and introduce her to my baby.  Hopefully this year we can see each other more than once during apricot season!

Little Forager really enjoyed his first taste of apricots!  They are the perfect size for his little hands and the fruit is a great choice for babies since the skin is virtually nonexistent and it all turns into mush pretty quickly anyway.  He gets this really thoughtful expression when he tries new foods that makes it seem like maybe he doesn't like it, but I guess he is just processing it all.  We know he likes it when he goes back in for more!