One Month of Garden Progress


I can hardly believe the amount of growth that has happened in just one month!  The two photos aren't exactly lined up - the potato bin is much more visible in the left photo than the right for example - but it does show the difference well.  

This has been a good spring for the growth of the peas (of which I accidentally planted three varieties and that was a bit of an oops in my small garden).  Last year it turned hot so fast anything meant to grow in cooler weather got stunted or immediately bolted to seed!  I hope that some of them finish up their growth before I have to move some things around for more of the summer crops.  It is already the May Long Weekend and I'm feeling more than a bit behind when it comes to things like tomatoes, squash, melons, and peppers!  Well we'll see what happens.  

Every year I garden is such a learning experience.  I have been horrible at timing my tomatoes every year so far and this year is no exception.  So far they are growing, but they are very tiny compared to the starts in garden centres.  I'm probably a month behind.  I hope they catch up!  If not I am happy that Laughing Swan Farms come to the market every week with their beautiful tomatoes so that at least if I can't eat my own I can still get my hands on some gorgeous heirlooms.


I am also excited to see that the raspberries I have in containers are blooming like crazy!  How exciting for Mr. Forager since raspberries are his favourite!  I don't particularly like them but maybe I will enjoy raspberries that I grew myself.

Here are some good shots below of the potato bin we are working with this year.