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Garden Update

Spring is here, but the growth is coming along sluggishly.  The other day on an otherwise dreary afternoon I looked up from some garden chores and this enormous, glorious rainbow was suddenly stretching across the valley!  I tried fussing with filters and contrast and whatnot to try to give you all an idea of how tremendously beautiful it was, but this is not even half as beautiful as it actually looked.

This year I have a new garden "helper" in Little Forager.  There he is helping me dig in the raised beds with his own shovel.  All those little round things are nasturtium seed pods.  I have no idea if they are actually going to grow again, but it would be nice to have those again!  They are so beautiful and are also useful edibles!  I always love it when something is beautiful, beneficial to pollinators, and tasty for me!

Here is my seed starting setup this year.  It hasn't been all that long since I took this photo, and already the seedlings are HUGE!  This year I had…

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