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Flower Foraging and How to Make a Salve For Bumps and Burns

Something I have been expanding on in my foraging repertoire this year is the amount of flowers (edible or medicinal) that I collect.  I have been reading a lot about the benefits of flowers like yarrow, red clover, arnica, and even daisies, and have been making a point of taking bunches home whenever we walk around the block.  It is surprising how many useful flowers grow on the roadside in my neighbourhood!

Some might argue that you might want to avoid roadside foraging because of the pollution from passing cars.  I agree that it is not exactly ideal, but my street is fairly quiet, so I'm comfortable with it.  I also feel like this alienates a lot of people who might want to try foraging but who live in urban environments.  I think as long as you know that there are some potential downsides you can decide if you are comfortable with them or not.

One of my main reasons for foraging more flowers this year was that I wanted to try to make a few medicinal items for my pantry.  My f…

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