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July Harvest Totals

August Harvest TotalsAsterisk denotes foraged harvest (in the wilderness or the neighbourhood).
*Arnica: 55 g Basil: 6 g Beets (Chioggia): 42 g Buckwheat: 23 g Carrots (Danvers): 864 g Chamomile: 17 g Garlic Scapes: 9 g Lemon Balm: 12 g Lettuce (Drunken Woman): 13 g Lettuce (Vulcan): 38 g Mint (Peppermint): 11 g Mint (Pineapple): 2 g Nootka Rose Petals: 13 g Onion (Welsh): 213 g *Orach: 496 g Peas (Amish Snap): 85 g Peas (Blue Podded Soup): 30 g Peas (Green Arrow): 445 g Raspberries: 59 g Squash Blossoms: 5 g Tarragon: 3 g Yarrow: 8 g TOTAL: 2.449 kg This month was lower than the last seeing as we were away for more than half of it.  Some of these are quite minuscule harvests from the garden, but I am glad that I was able to forage a few different things.  Still not as much as I hoped, because unfortunately the Kamloops area is blanketed in wildfire smoke and has been for about a month.  We've had air quality health advisories out asking us to stay inside and if we do go out to l…

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