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April and May Harvest Totals

April and May Harvest Totals Beet Greens: 12 g Camellia Sinensis: 146 g Chamomile: 1 g Dandelion Flowers: 14 g Dandelion Greens: 200 g Green Garlic: 13 g Pea Shoots: 9 g Rosemary: 16 g Tarragon: 12 g Wild Asparagus: 2618 g
Wild Yarrow: 65 g
TOTAL: 3.106 kg This year featured a very cold, slow start to spring, so I think that is one of the main differences between this year's harvest and last year's.  For example, I picked nearly twice the amount of asparagus last year at this time.  I was hoping that my herb garden would fare better over the cold winter, but even my mint plants died!  I'm starting most things again this year, so the herb harvests are quite small.  I also could have done a bit better on the dandelion flowers, but life is busy and I only managed to gather a small handful to infuse in oil for a salve.  What green garlic I harvested was purely accidental.  It seems that I somehow had some volunteer plants (I'm not sure how this would work with garlic - pe…

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