Four Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Nicer

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There’s nothing better than walking through your front door and being hit by the lovely smell of your home. There are plenty of ways you can make your home smell nicer. The bad news is that a lot of these ideas include using things that pollute the air. Stuff like aerosol cans and plug-in air fresheners release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Here are some natural ways of giving your house a gorgeous smell.

Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils is such a good way of bringing a natural scent to your property. These oils are the distilled essence of different plants and they all have different aromatherapeutic uses. Combine this with a cold air diffuser for essential oils, and you’ve got yourself a little machine that releases a lovely smell into the air. Keep in mind that essential oils vary widely in quality so do your research before buying something to diffuse into the air you breathe.

Open The Windows

One of the simplest ways of improving the way your home smells without using any unnatural methods is by opening the windows. This lets fresh air enter your home, which helps breathe new life into every room. It allows stale air to flow out, and fresh air to flow in. The difference this makes to how your home smells is quite extraordinary!

 Boiled cinnamon is a great natural air freshener.  Credit

Boiled cinnamon is a great natural air freshener. Credit

Boil Cinnamon Sticks

You can get cinnamon sticks from pretty much any grocery store out there. Aside from being a great ingredient when cooking things like ramen or soup, they’re also excellent at creating a natural smell in your house. All you have to do is stick some cinnamon sticks in boiling water and let them sit there for a while. Keep the doors open in every room so the smell can really fill your home. This will create a stunning cinnamon scent that’s way better than any candle or air freshener you can buy. Plus, it’s 100% natural and won’t do any harm to the environment. Alternatively, you could do the same thing but with other kitchen staples like citrus fruits and cloves!   

DIY Room Spray

Instead of using an aerosol can, it is possible to make your own room spray. All you need is a spray bottle. From here, combine water, baking soda, and lime juice to create a natural room spray. The lime juice will add a fresh scent to the air, while the baking soda works to neutralize any bad odors.