It's Already Time to Start Thinking About Fall

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It might sound quite strange to hear, but often summer is the best season to begin thinking about the fall and winter months. This is true at least when it comes to your home. Preparing your home measures and repairs can help you stay prepared well in advance of the harsh weather that you may become affected by at some point in the near future, and believe us when we say the seasons roll around faster than you might think. Contractors can often give you the best deals around this time of year, as the demand for certain work can be quite low. Another thing is that for the most part, summer affords the best weather, and that allows workers to take care of your home without worrying about harsh conditions.

We’d suggest that the following work might be the best suited for summer, in preparation for the colder months:

Window Replacement

It’s important to replace windows at about this time if needed. Double glazing and the surrounding insulation that must be implemented when installing must be absolutely secure and free from moisture during that process. However, of course the act of replacing a window in your home will mean that for a time, no window will be present. This leaves an opening into your house. Even if secured by some other means, such as temporary wood, you can be sure that moisture will find a way. In a warm climate, this work can take place within a couple of days, and the insulation around the frame can set correctly, or the brickwork can be replaced and dried within a week.


Of course, hiring the best roofing contractor will still require your roof to be opened or at least less structurally secure than it was while work is being carried out. This means that any rain, snow or any other difficulty can not only harm your roofing setup, but drip down into your lower floors. No matter if you’re having your shingles replaced, your roofing felt installed correctly, or repair work done to rectify mistakes made by a previous rogue trader, you can be sure that your roofing contractor will need absolute sterile weather to complete the task, meaning summer will be the most appropriate time. Be sure to take care of these contractors however, as roofing work in the mid-summer can be quite a sweltering experience.

Patio & Garden Work

With garden work, there is a lot you can do ahead of time to make things easier on yourself in the fall and winter. Take notes of what worked for you and what didn't throughout the season so that you can repeat past success and make sure that you aren't making the same mistakes over again. Summer is often the more intense time of the year for a gardener, as everything is blooming, fruiting, and needing attention, but it does pay to think ahead. There are things - like garlic - that are better off when planted in the fall, and you'll want to remember what varieties did well for you so you can order them again when its time to buy seeds or bulbs. It's also a good idea to do any repairs you need to while the weather is warmer and dry, so that your garden structures are durable enough to withstand the winter weather ahead.