How to Give Back to your Lawn This Summer

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The lawn in your yard might not seem that productive, but it can bring a lot of value to your home.  While it's true that a lot of people was a lot of time and money using pesticides on maintaining a blank carpet of grass - often at the expense of bees and other beneficial insects - there is something to be said for having a nice space to host parties, and to throw a football around.  Sometimes we take this feature for granted and, we can be much more focused on getting excellent garden furniture from Cuckooland to host our summer frolics with little care for our poor neglected lawns.



Your best bet is to water your lawn either after the sun sets in the evening or in the morning before the harsh sun gains its strength.  There’s a myth that watering in the sunshine will turn your lawn into a scorched nightmare is mostly unfounded, yet it is wasteful to water in the midday heat as most the water will evaporate rather than soak down to where it needs to be.  

Many experts recommend watering first thing in the morning as this way, the sun will dry the grass out within a few hours, meaning there’s less chance of disease, but with adequate hydration to the roots of the grass.  That said, it’s important to realise there’s no need to water each morning; in fact it’s better to water deeply and infrequently than each day


Aesthetically speaking, it can be very tempting to keep your grass short, but slightly taller grass will make for a healthier lawn.  You want to avoid cutting it below two inches and when cutting the grass, you’ll want to remove no more than ⅓ of the length, as trimming any further can damage your grass.  

It’s also important to mow the lawn when it’s cool and dry; especially avoid cutting the law if it’s wet or in the midday sun.  The final piece of advice is to leave the grass clippings on the lawn, as they decompose quickly and provide much needed nutrients to the grass.  Don’t worry, whilst it might look unsightly at first, the grass will break down very quickly