Does Your Garden Need a Summer House?

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Does your garden need a summer house? If you have the room, then why not? You can buy something that suits your garden’s look and decor, whether you opt for a traditional shed-like fixture, a rustic log cabin, or something a little more contemporary. Then, after finding something that suits your outdoor area, it’s time to decide what you are going to do with it. Thankfully, a summer house has many uses. 

You could use the summer house as an extra room to entertain your guests. Consider it a compliment to your garden party, with extra seating, a buffet table, and a foolproof shelter from the rain if the sun decides to disappear behind the clouds.  Saskatoon cherry pie could be ate  perfect fruity dish for your soiree - and you should have a selection of cocktails at hand to cool down and refresh your guests should the sun decide to come back out from behind those pesky clouds.

If you’re somebody who works from home, it would be a shame to be cooped up in your home all day. Therefore, convert your summer house into your second home office, with comfortable furniture from Cliff Young, a cooling fan to keep you going in the heat, and a powerline adapter to connect you to your home’s wifi. What could be better for your productivity than the beauty of the outside world, with birdsong and your summer perennials as company during the working day?


If you’re somebody with a creative side, you can convert the summer house into a quiet place to work away from the rest of the family at home. You could set yourself up with a paintbrush and an easel if you fall on the artistic side, or if DIY is your thing, the summer house can also be the place where you tinker on your next project. You can also write poetry, taking a cue from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Glory of the Garden,’ get to work on your long-awaited first novel, or get to work on whatever other type of creative endeavor takes your fancy.


Alternatively, do nothing in your summer house.  This could be your solace away from the stresses of life, and what better place than right in the middle of the garden where nature can soothe your frazzled nerves. Let the buzz of the bees send you off to a blissful sleep, and take the opportunity to rest and relax, away from the pressures that await you on the outside.