3 Spare Bedroom Ideas (Other Than a Guest Bedroom)

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If you have a spare room in your house, the chances are that you will immediately turn it into a guest room. Guest rooms are all well and good — and obviously have their uses — but turning a spare room into a guest room can be a little… limiting. When you use a spare room as a guest room, you’re essentially saying that that room is not going to be used 80% of the time.  

If you’d rather get more use out of your existing space, then choosing to use a spare room for more inventive means might be the best decision. If you’re looking for inspiration, then the ideas below can help breathe new life into your spare room and give it a purpose that you’ll love.

Storage Room

Buying food in bulk, and otherwise trying to create an eco-friendly home can sometimes be made easier if you have the storage space for it. If you have limited storage elsewhere in your home, then dedicating an entire room to keep all your extra belongings out of sight and organized can really help to reduce clutter in the rest of your home. Set up drawers, shelves, bins, and other items that can hold all of your eco-friendly paraphenalia, from the materials you use for cloth diapering to your latest foraging haul that you haven’t quite had the time to process. It might be an unusual purpose for a spare room, but it’s a useful one.

Home Cinema

And now for something completely different. If you want to use the space for entertainment purposes, then you can’t go wrong with a home theater installation so you can achieve that cinema experience without the expense and hassle. You could set up the room exactly to your preferences, then make homemade popcorn and enjoy many nights in with your family watching the latest blockbuster. It is more typical to use your living room or den to set up a home theater, but you can put it anywhere you want in the house, so it’s an option if you want a fun use for your spare room.

Workout Room

If you’re a big fan of exercise, then what could be more convenient than a gym that’s located in your own home? You’ll obviously need to invest in a few pieces of equipment, but second-hand exercise equipment is surprisingly affordable, and you could be kitted out in no time. Alternatively, if you aren’t able to stretch to investing in specific equipment, you could always clear the space, install a comfortable floor, and use the room as a yoga or pilates studio