Tips for a Functional Kitchen

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The kitchen is the hub of the home- and is a room that’s always going to be very well used. If you’re a keen cook it’s a particularly important space, so if yours isn’t up to scratch it’s worth giving it an upgrade. Not only will you add value to your home, but it will be far easier and more practical to work from- it could even help you to get more organised too. More cooking from scratch, batch cooking and meal prep can save you calories and money instead of resorting to unhealthy takeaways. Here’s how you can go about it.

Layout and Design

If you’re ripping out your entire kitchen and starting again from scratch, it can be well worth re-evaluating the layout. Things should be set out in a way that makes the most sense, this might not be how the current kitchen is arranged. Speak to a kitchen designer who will be able to give you ideas based on your exact room. If you really want to make an impact consider making large scale changes - maybe it is possible for you to remove a wall so you have an open floor plan, or to add more or larger windows to let in more natural light. Once all of that is decided you can go about choosing your kitchen cabinets, worktops, flooring and tiles. A good tip is to keep it neutral- so white or wood cupboards, stone or wood worktops, white wall tiles and black floor tiles will all stay in style. That way your kitchen won’t look dated in a few years time.  You can always add in pops of colour when you decorate and then changes are easier to make when you feel like freshening up the look.





Modern technology is fantastic and there are lots of cool things to get on board with if you love creating different dishes. An integrated double oven for example would give you plenty of space to cook and bake, plus it would look streamlined. The same is true for things like integrated microwaves and wine coolers. Appliances like a stand mixer are useful for anyone that loves to cook and bake, as well as a bread machine, coffee machine and more. Work out how much counter space and storage space you have before purchasing smaller appliances to make sure you’re not left feeling cluttered.

Storage and Pantry

Speaking of storage space, this is incredibly important - especially if you plan to use your kitchen well and make a lot of meals from scratch. As well as space to store smaller appliances, you need to consider where all your ingredients will be kept. A pantry is a great option, and you could have one built in an empty corner or transform a cupboard that you have in the kitchen. Stock it with things like herbs and spices, dried grains like pasta and rice, flour, sugar, tins and jars and you will always have the things you need on hand to whip up a tasty meal.