Product Spotlight: Sterling Silver Spoon Rings

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Now that we are firmly past the hustle and bustle of the holidays and I am mostly settled into my new blogging routine, I wanted to get back to doing product features for the items in my shop.  Writing this one brings me a lot of joy, because I get to talk about my sister Katelyn Lane, and show off her beautiful work.  Her jewelry is made of silver from reclaimed vintage or antique flatware, and just look at how beautiful it is.  

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Sterling Silver Spoon Rings
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The pieces she creates fit so perfectly with what I am trying to do with my shop.  Currently we have five of her rings listed here and plans to add more.  I have seen quite a few people making "spoon jewelry" over the past few years, but I have actually never seen any that compares to hers.  A big part of the difference is that she hand selects 100% sterling silver flatware, rather than silver plate so that when she hand buffs each with her industrial machine they keep their beautiful silver shine without risk of wearing away a silver coating.  

All of her rings, bracelets, and pendants strive to keep the essence of what they originally were.  Whenever possible she keeps the entire spoon, or fork intact so you can still see some of its original purpose in the design.  The rings we have currently in the shop are made of tiny demitasse spoons.  I can't say I've seen anyone recently who keeps these ready for use in their silverware drawer, so rather than having them gather dust somewhere I love that their beauty can be on display as jewelry.

Head on over to the shop now and see the designs we currently have in stock.

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