Where Have We Been?

You might have noticed that the blog has been rather silent for the past month.  The long and the short of it is that we've been really busy!  Here is something in the way of an update, with more posts to follow!

This past month or so we have had way too much traveling to do!  Some of it was a planned holiday, some was work related, and some was to celebrate the wedding of some dear friends.  Though it was all really great, we were just completely wiped out for about a full week afterward!  

The beginning of all this travel was a much needed holiday to Whistler.  This was the first family getaway we had taken in the past two years!  Not that we haven't had holiday time before this, but when your family stretches across most of one of the biggest countries on earth visiting them all eats up a lot of vacation days!  This March we took a week to ourselves and had some much needed family bonding time.


This winter has been particularly bitter all across BC, and so we decided to just embrace it and make our "spring" break one last winter celebration!  We got to use our snowshoes again (I love snowshoeing), and visit Whistler Olympic Park.  We lucked out the last weekend since they were having the national championships for Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping.

Sometimes you have to nurse your kid in the weirdest places!  This was at the biathlon range at the Whistler Olympic Park.  I really enjoyed snowshoeing here.  It was really affordable, and so fun to see all the sights from the 2010 Olympic Games!

The drive home was the most beautiful day.  This shot in Pemberton really doesn't do it justice.  It's a long drive through what could be a treacherous mountain road, but thankfully the sun was shining and the roads were bare!


Our next trip down was work related for Mr. Forager, but we still found time to visit the Tulips in the Valley festival!  Little Forager loves flowers - that's one of the words he can already say - and we caught it at a really beautiful moment where the storm clouds were gathering over the mountains.

One of the really fun things Little Forager and I got up to while Mr. Forager was in class was visiting the BC Farm Museum in Fort Langley.  This place was amazing, and admission was only $6!  We still haven't seen everything they have on display and we'll definitely be back again.

It was lucky that our visit coincided with my mom's parents coming to Vancouver as well.  They usually stop by our place on their way, but this way we wound up with some extra time with them, and that was really nice.  Below you can see my mom and her mom "breadwinning" in the kitchen.  My mom bakes a brilliant loaf of sourdough!  Every time we visit we get sent home with one of the incredible loaves!

Little Forager loves visiting Vancouver.  Cars, boats, and puppies are some of his favourite things, so he's pretty happy to be out and about with us there.

I realized our last visit - again to the Vancouver area, this time for a wedding - was so busy I barely took any photos!  Mr. Forager and I were both very involved in the wedding and we simply enjoyed being in the moment of it all and left the photos to the professionals.  I did manage to take a shot of the incredibly dreamy lavender mocha my mom treated me to at Cafe Medina, though!

Now that we are back home and more rested, I have quite a few more posts planned for your enjoyment!  Thankfully there are no more road trips planned until the summer!