Product Spotlight: Paper Beads as Garlands and Ornaments


I kind of have a thing for tedious jobs.  It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I just choose something to binge watch on Netflix, and my hands just keep working.  These paper beads are something I started making a couple years ago when I was in the middle of nesting right before Little Forager was born.  Katelyn Lane (my sister and the jeweller behind the Sterling Silver rings we have in the shop) has made some into a necklace, but I found myself wondering what else I could make with the abundance that was starting to pile up.

That was really what started me off in making these geometric garlands and ornaments.  I love the way they look, and I love that they are such a beautiful part of my zero waste decorations.  All of these are made from magazines that would have been discarded.  

In the new year I will be thinking of even more new things that I can make since I have quite a few magazines to use up.  I could just throw them in the recycling bin, and that wouldn't be too bad, but I love giving things new life, and a new way of being appreciated.  Because the only thing I needed to buy to make these was some wire, it's about as close as you get to making something from nothing.

Geometric Paper Bead ornament
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Geometric Mini Garland
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