Bake Some Pies With Fannie Farmer: Recap

2016-08-18 13.11.45 1319788788892855516_760198195.jpg

I'm not going to post the full list of completed pies and rankings and whatnot today since there are about 60 pies in my completed list now and I just wanted to do a quick update for now!  I'll do a larger update later on.  Here are a few of the highlights since I last posted:

The Peanut Butter Cream Cheese pie was seriously incredible.  Just pour the filling into a crumb crust and chill it.  So easy, and so delicious.  There wasn't very much sugar, and it was full of protein and healthy fats from all the peanut butter, cream cheese, and butter that it was almost a protein bar in pie form! 

I really loved the Eggnog Chiffon Pie.  Really loved it.  I was starting to think that I didn't like chiffon pies in general since they have all been a little weird in my opinion so far, but this one was perfect. 

Cream of Wheat Custard pie made for the perfect thing to bring to our Life Group's annual New Years Day (or day after as sometimes happens with scheduling) Brunch.  It was light, but filling at the same time.  Not too sweet, and the whole wheat crust was better than I expected!  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about whole wheat pastry, but now I am excited to try with some different pies too!

The Maple Pecan pie I froze and saved for Christmas was excellent as well.  I was really happy with how it stood up to the freezer.  When we ate it after Christmas dinner you couldn't tell at all that it had been baked a couple weeks beforehand!

I lost some speed working through this list over Christmas, but I am excited to get back into the swing of things.  There are lots of beautiful citrus based pies that I am excited to try out in the coming month or two now it is in season!