Finding Orphaned Baby Voles


We were working on a pretty big garden project (details to be shared later!) when suddenly we realized we had unknowingly disturbed a nest of voles.  Ok more than disturbed.  They must have been nesting in our compost but we only found them after it had all been shovelled over into the new location and even then not until the next day.

Today we were bringing bags of dirt down to the garden and Mr. Forager nearly dropped a huge bag right on one that had crawled out into the garden path.  We heard some more squeaking and discovered one more still hidden in the compost.  Neither of us knew what to do so we put them in a box with some straw and I've been feeding them milk from an eye dropper all day.  

I'm not really expecting them to last long, but I feel like I owe it to them to at least try to give them a chance.  We'll see what happens.  

Update (11/06/16): Both voles have passed away.  This was not really unexpected but it was still sad.  I hope they were more comfortable in their last days than if I had just left them.