Weekend Getaway to Calgary


This past weekend we made a trip through the Rocky Mountains to Calgary.  The main reason for the trip was my cousin's wedding in Red Deer, so we tacked a few vacation days on either side of the weekend and made it a bit of a bigger trip.  We have family in Calgary - and many places there that we like to visit.  Red Deer is close enough so we thought we would make our base in Calgary and commute to the wedding festivities.

We always love driving through the rockies.  Even when the weather isn't amazing the view is spectacular.  When we passed through it was cloudy and thunderstorms threatened.  Looking up at the shrouded peaks makes me feel so small!  I often think about how the early explores must have felt when they first caught sight of these massive rocks.  It is easy to forget that before our roads were paved people had to make their way through here on foot or horseback.  They had to brave the weather, and find their own path. 


After the wedding we made sure to stop at the HUGE Bass Pro in Airdrie.  Little Forager found the fish in their aquarium captivating. 

I am really excited because our reason for going there was to see if there was a reasonably priced reel that I could add to my vintage fishing rod.  At first I was so excited to have my own rod, and I loved the fact that it was vintage (and green!), but it turns out the reel is broken, so for now I have been sharing with Mr. Forager.  This is not our favourite arrangement, so I am happy to say that we found one, and it looks like now we can finally go fishing without taking turns.


As I said, the main reason we come to Calgary is our family.  It is hard to be far from them, but we make our way out there whenever we can.  These two are major inspirations for my gardening efforts!  They have taught me so much and are ready for any questions I might have. 

Little Forager loved story time with his Grand Nana.

While we are primarily there for family, the fact that these amazing doughnuts from Jelly Modern Doughnuts are only available in Calgary doesn't hurt.


Or this hibiscus sorbet from Village Ice Cream.