Garden Salad and a Tip About Growing Root Veggies


On the first sunny day since our rainy long weekend it seemed right to eat a salad for lunch.  It also gave me an excuse to do a garden chore I hadn't quite got around to yet - thinning the beets!


My favourite thing to do when growing root veggies with edible greens is to purposefully plant them crowded.  Like super dense. I should have taken a photo.  Actually what I did was drop entire seed packets (in this case: radishes, beets, and some spinach) in a 3'x3' garden bed, rake them around, and cover with dirt.  Now that they are grown up a bit I am forced to thin them.  Normally I feel a bit sad thinning out my plants, but in this case I am excited because it's almost like getting a bonus crop.  Today I threw them in a gorgeous salad.  Tomorrow I might wilt some in scrambled eggs.

These radishes were getting on the larger side so I would likely sauté them or throw them in soup.

So many delicious options for something that would have otherwise been thrown in the compost heap (not that composting is ever a bad thing)!

Now about that beautiful salad.  I threw my beet greens in there, along with some lettuce from the Kamloops Farmer's Market.  Some walnuts, candied salmon from Haida Wild,  and a boiled duck egg from a neighbor went on top.  Here's my basic salad dressing recipe:


  1. Combine roughly equal amounts of oil and some sort of acid (vinegar, lemon juice), in a bowl and whisk until emulsified.  For this salad I used olive oil and chive blossom vinegar (chive blossoms infused in white wine vinegar).
  2. Add a blob of jam or jelly until you think it tastes right.  I used redcurrant jelly this time.
  3. Add any other flavours you think might be good!  I taste and see what I think it needs.  You might want to add mustard or some fresh chopped herbs!