First Harvest of the Season


Ok, that makes things sound a lot better than they are, but I had chives growing that I thought I had killed, so that's a reason to celebrate, right?  Those chives are about the only thing I have growing that is ready to use, but going out and picking anything from the garden feels really good right about now!  I threw them in with the potatoes and they were delicious!

The other thing that is awesome about this dinner is that we had some trout that Mr. Forager brought home last August left in the freezer.  We're out of fish just in time for fishing season to begin again soon.


Trout: Put prepared fish (gutted and cleaned etc) in a baking dish.  Stuff cavity with lemons and seasoning of choice.  This time we used Bow River Fish Blend from Silk Road Spice Merchants in Calgary, AB.  Bake at 350 degrees until nice and flaky.  We forgot to add a few pats of butter, but you shouldn't!  

Potatoes: These were kind of big so I cut them in largish chunks and boiled them.  When tender drain water and add butter and finely chopped chives.  Salt to taste.

Green beans: Sauté garlic in butter.  In a few minutes add the beans.  Sauté until done (find this out by tasting a bean - I like mine still crunchy so I don't cook them for very long).