Local Farm Spotlight: Woodward Christmas Tree Farm

One of the ways we are excited to be able to support our local farms this Christmas is by visiting Woodward Christmas Tree Farm to pick out the perfect tree for our home.  When we went last year our little Forager hadn't been born yet so while he was technically there for it all he didn't get quite the same experience.

Isn't it beautiful out there?  We went right at sunset and unintentionally made the evening even more magical.  The tree farm shares the same property as Privato Winery so you can stop in for a tasting and pick up some wine for the holidays.  If you make it out for their first weekend open you can also enjoy some mulled wine by the fire!  Hot chocolate and other treats are available at the concession.

Part of the fun of getting your tree here at the farm is the tractor ride that takes you out to the trees.  I think this was Little Forager's favourite part.  I tried so hard to get a photo of his smiling face on the ride but he was so interested in the tractor he wouldn't look away!

2016-12-07 16.08.55 1400358266843702329_760198195.jpg

We looked and looked and finally we found the best tree.  It was hard because all of the trees are so nice.  We were looking for a blue spruce in particular since they have seriously sharp needles. 

Yes, you read that right!  

Our plan of keeping our decorated tree safe from our toddler included finding the prickliest Christmas tree we could!  So far between that and keeping non breakable ornaments near the bottom we have been successful.

I love decorating my tree, but for me it is important to do it as a family.  I like that tradition but it made it hard to find a time that worked this year.  We had the tree outside in a bucket of water for a few days.  Then we had the tree inside with only lights on for another few.  And then finally we decorated!

2016-12-08 14.07.42 1401022027650147999_760198195.jpg