June Harvest Totals

June Harvest Totals

Asterisk denotes foraged harvests.

*Asparagus: 2643 g
Basil (Thai): 31 g
Beets (Chioggia): 29 g
Carrots (Danvers): 47 g
Chamomile: 19 g
*Daisies: 51 g
Dill: 6 g
Evergreen Tips: 47 g
Haskap Berries: 61 g
Lemon Balm: 12 g
Lettuce (Drunken Woman): 46 g
Lettuce (Vulcan): 6 g
Mint (Chocolate): 7 g
Mint (Peppermint): 7 g
Mint (Pineapple): 18 g
Mint (Spearmint): 40 g
Mixed Greens: 813 g
Onion (Welsh): 120 g
Peas (Amish Snap): 442 g
Peas (Green Arrow): 413 g
Raspberry Leaves: 49 g
*Red Clover: 44 g
Rhubarb: 912g
*Saskatoon Berries: 1445 g
Strawberries: 109 g
Tarragon: 39 g
*Yarrow: 117 g

Total: 7.573 kg

This month was overall more productive than last season, but there were some things noticeably underperformed compared to last year at this time (I'm looking at you, Peas!).  I foraged more this year so far and I am really happy about that.  Even though my strawberry plants were new this year they still yielded more than my old plants.  I was expecting greater herb harvests, but since most things died over the winter I was starting with new plants for most things.  Every spring I keep thinking my rhubarb plant is dead, but it did really well this year so far!  There is more coming up now too so I might get another harvest in before the weather gets too hot!  I was hoping to grab more evergreen tips, but sadly I missed them completely at home, and then only managed to gather what my pockets could hold when we wandered around the McConnell Lake trail.  That trail is amazing, by the way.  If you are local I highly recommend taking a walk through there!  I am also already doing far better with gathering Saskatoons this season, and that makes me really happy!

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