Summer Recap

We had many adventures this summer, so here are a whirlwind of photos.
During our first trip to Calgary we briefly stopped in Three Valley Gap and peeked around at the old trains.  I haven't stopped here before, and one day I'd like to check out the ghost town a little bit more.  We were cheapskates this time and only peeked through the fence at it.

We finally got a chance to check out Made By Marcus' new microcreamery on 17th ave in Calgary.  This scoop of passionfruit basil ice cream was delectable in the handmade vanilla bean cone!  This cone was seriously the best waffle cone I have ever eaten.
Of course we had to take Little Forager to his first Stampede!  
We were so thrilled to see my good friend Joy get married.  I can't wait to see how the rest of their lives unfold together.  It was a beautiful wedding and we were so honoured to be invited.
This year marked our third Ribfest in Riverside Park.  This was one of the first things we went out to do when we moved to Kamloops, and now we always make a point of going.  It's become almost like a little Kamloops-iversary celebration for us.  Misty Mountain is our personal favourite of all the ribbers, since we really like beef ribs, and they have the best sauce.
Little Forager has grown up so much already.  It is hard to believe that his first birthday is coming up in a few months.  This summer we discovered that the absolutely loves swings.

He's already so big, but still looks small in this huge room in the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Later that summer we got a chance to visit Mr. Forager's family on their ranch in Saskatchewan.  Little Forager absolutely loved meeting the horses.
It was great to have some time with them since we are not able to make the long trip out there as much as we would like.

Stretching our legs on the drive home!
This year I actually had some success with growing beets!  This has been a goal of mine that for some reason has never been realized.  This mix of different types of beets from Westcoast Seeds was a huge hit for me this year!
We made our first (and last) visit to the Golden Ears Fruit Stand.  We were sorry to learn that it was closing down due to the highway expansion.
This summer was the most incredible year for fruit.  Many people were blessed with overabundance and felt the need to share with us.  We did not turn it down!  I also picked up a steam juicer from the fruit stand that was closing down and made a whole lot of grape juice from free grapes!  I am now excited to try to juice many other types of fruit.  It has become one of my favourite ways to process fruit!
 We are now ready to welcome fall and all that it entails!

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