Canada Day Long Weekend

 We kicked off our weekend in my family's traditional style with a big pancake brunch.  With my mom's special recipe; homemade rhubarb curd and candied pecans; Tree Island yogurt; and fresh local eggs, bacon, and cherries it certainly was a feast!

I believe these are rainier cherries, but they are redder than most I have seen, and tastier too.  I think they must pick them earlier for commercial sale.  Maybe they do this with most cherries, but on the rainiers the difference is really pronounced.  One time in Lake Chelan I bought this type of cherry from an orchard and they were also this colour.  The taste difference is enormous and if they are allowed to get to this point I think these cherries are some of the best for fresh eating!

Last year I had access to a huge amount of free rhubarb from a friend, and I made all kinds of different things with it.  One of my favourites was a rhubarb curd and I still have a couple jars in the freezer.  Obviously it is not at its peak flavour anymore, but it is still so delicious!
 After brunch we headed down to Riverside Park for the Canada Day festivities.  I was so excited to see that the Korean Church had their booth set up since their bulgogi beef is really delicious!  To me Canada Day is all about everyone sharing our different heritage and culture, and celebrating how a nation of immigrants and indigenous people can come together as one nation.
 There was a lot of different international food on offer as well as "Canadian Food".  Mr. Forager finally had the Chinese food he has been craving for months!  (I'm not sure why it took this long, but for some reason we haven't tried any of the Chinese restaurants since moving here!)
 Little Forager enjoyed hanging out on the grass in the park and trying his first taste of watermelon.  Despite his rather thoughtful expression he really enjoyed it!
 Since we have been working through about 60lbs of local cherries, I made an attempt at making some naturally fermented cherry soda, and it worked!  Since it was red and bubbly it seemed like a fitting festive drink for the evening before we headed out to watch the fireworks.
 The next day was a great family day where we shopped at the farmers' market, and had our breakfast at PDK Cafe.  This place is named with one initial from each of the owner's children, and they make some of the best doughnuts around!
 Then it was off to Lac le Jeune for some BBQ, fishing, swimming, football, and fun!
The last thing we did included some backyard foraging, and some roadside foraging.  A friend gave us a tip that someone had a giant cherry tree that they needed help picking, so we made sure to capitalize on the free fruit.  We picked enough in 30 minutes for everyone to share and that still left me with nearly 10lbs!

 There was also an apricot tree I noticed on the side of the road.  Most weren't quite ripe yet, but there were a few branches with some that were ready to bring home.
 Sunday everyone had gone home, but it was Mr. Forager's and my 6th anniversary so we went out for lunch at the Painted Pony.  The elk burgers on bannock buns were delicious and Little Forager enjoyed his first taste of french fries.
 We hope you all had a great weekend as well and a happy Canada Day!

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