Fishing Trip to Lac Le Jeune

Today we went on our second fishing trip of the year.  This is my first year with a fishing license so I am really looking forward to catching my first fish.  Sadly this has not happened for me yet!  Normally what we find in the area are trout which are super delicious.
Graham quite enjoyed watching us fish and keeping an eye on what was going on at the lake.  Several boats passed by and we saw some loons.  I noticed that the spruce trees in the area have not sprouted their new growth yet which is exciting because I was hoping to gather pine/spruce tips from our area but I forgot and now they are very grown out here.  I was happy to see that I have not quite missed my opportunity!  More details on that will be coming when I get a chance to come back again.
Lac Le Jeune is a beautiful park near our city that has a picnic area, swimming, hiking, wildlife, and of course fishing.  We love it (even though we have actually had very bad luck fishing from the pier!) because it is beautiful and even sitting out on the pier catching nothing is a relaxing day.  Don't get me wrong though, we really hope our bad luck changes soon!
Graham loved tummy time on the pier!  We'll be coming back to this beautiful place again soon!

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