52 Weeks of Pinter-TESTS: Recap

Ok so here is a recap of what I've been trying.  Unfortunately I will not be able to go into detail with each of them like I did last time for the banana pancakes since I'm playing a bit of catch up!  These all are projects that worked out well for me, so keep that in mind! 
1. This recipe for a salt spray for my hair.
2. This recipe for a coffee scrub
3. This recipe for a lemon sugar scrub (also adapted into a vanilla sugar scrub quite successfully!)
4. This printable football chain for some Superbowl themed decoration.
5. This recipe for pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.
6. This tutorial for creating a garland out of foraged greenery.
7. This idea for a faux fireplace.
8. This tutorial for a wreath made out of tiny presents!
9. This recipe for alcohol free peppermint mouthwash.
10. This tutorial for decorating mugs using sharpie pens.

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