I am now the proud tenant of a community garden plot!  I am really excited about the new flexibility that this is going to bring in terms of space with my garden at home.  The organization I am renting from also seems really great.

There are carrots, turnips and spinach under there but you can't see them yet.  I also got a "Pollinator Blend" of seeds as a throw in with my purchase from Westcoast Seeds so I threw some in there too.  It's supposedly a blend of flowers that are particularly attractive to bees and other friendly pollinator insects.  I hope they bloom soon!

I have been preparing my soil a bit more intensively than I knew to do last year.  This year I'm using a combination of dry manure fertilizer and Sea Soil.

There has been a lot of planting going on around here - most of it indoors - and that has kept me far too busy to write about it!  I have a backlog of photos that have been earmarked for blog posts now that "spring has sprung" but I haven't had a chance to get to them!

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