Planting Day!

I made a trip to a new nursery today to get some soil for starting my seeds for fall planting and came back with a bit more than I expected!

Those three in the blue pots are three tiny strawberry plants hanging out in some new hanging planters that I am going to use to FINALLY replace the Christmas decorations that haven't come down yet.  I am confident that even if they look a little puny this season that over time they will fill out their new homes beautifully.  One strawberry is a normal looking enough one called "Seascape", and the other two (tinier ones) are a new variety called "Berries Galore" that have pink flowers!  Both varieties are ever-bearing so that's excellent.
The other is a tiny little rosemary.  Last year I killed mine, unfortunately but I'll put this little guy ("Foxtail") up in the herb garden this year where I'm sure he'll fare much better than his predecessor.

Here's my setup for starting out the fall seeds.  There's no room left in the raised beds what with the crazy amounts of squash (refer to my last photo of my "jungle" garden if you need to remember what I'm talking about) so I'm putting them in a similar setup I'd use for starting seeds indoors.  I'm hoping that all this rain will settle everything in nicely.  It's quite warm out despite the precipitation, so I'm sure they will be germinating away in the next few days!

I have a few more things to fit into the raised beds upstairs (vertical growing things like peas, leafy greens - lettuce, spinach, mizuna - and a few more root veggies - one last round of beets, carrots, and radishes) so I'll update about that when I next get a chance!

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